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SimCity Buildit Cheats

SimCity Buildit is a great game that is developed from the original SimCity games. This particular game is more for the mobile devices and works flawlessly on adroid as well as on iOS systems. The game is free to download and play but there is an option for in app purchases which can be used where the player has the option of spending real money in order to buy the in game currency called the SimCash or the gold coins which are known as Simoleons.

The game is a strategy game where the player is doing the role play of a city mayor and needs to construct buildings and develop an overall city from scratch. He needs to make sure there are all the necessities and the required amenities for the residents of the city and to make sure they are happy and looked after. This makes the player progress quickly in the game and earns the gaming currency, SimCash and the Simoleons, the gold coins.

The player however, must act smart or else he will not have enough of those currency or the coins if he fails to keep the residents happy and will not be able to do anymore construction of the city or get ahead in the game. If they do not want to use real money to buy the currency then he must use the following tips and tricks to get ahead quickly in the game.

The player should make sure there is a large population, as the more people who are living would obviously pay more taxes and taxation is the major source of income for the player.

The player must make sure the residents of the city are happy. If the overall population is happy then the player would be earning more gold coins but if they are unhappy he would be losing.

The player should focus of upgrading the existing residential homes rather than building new ones and not overbuild the city.

Players should be able to manage factories and store production efficiently.
Using the above tips and tricks can surely help the players earn Simcash and the Simoleons. The other option is to use the cheats or hacks generator from various website which lets the player have unlimited amount of coins and currency for absolutely free of cost! This simcity buildit hack ipa helps the player get ahead and progress quickly in the game if they do not want to spend real money at the in app store.