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Clash Royale is a perfect update of Clash of Clans

Clash Royale is an ideal example where one can understand the sincerity of the developers. The gamers were very happy to welcome a card battling game. There are towers and troops. The gamer would protect own tower and at the same time find ways to demolish enemy’s tower. It is a perfect improvement to the older version of the same developer. But while playing the gamers soon experiences the excitement of new adventures. One thing must be disclosed at first that this game must be played with a balanced view of all the aspects of the game.

Before making an attack weigh the situation and then proceed

A single rush of blood may become costly. So before making any movement for Clash Royale Cheats to get clash royale free gems you must judge the situation. One thing you must remember at this moment that at the last minute of the level the rate of refilling by the Elixir will double. This will enable you to bring more soldiers in the battlefield. Only thing you must not do is never waste your resources unintelligently. Some time by applying more powerful weapon on weaker troops may be costly. So always judge the situation. Particularly in the opening moments you should give some time to read the attacking strategies of the enemy. Therefore in the beginning you should be watchful and not very offensive. Too much defensive style is not an ideal strategy for the gamer. Again never lose your nerve when opponent start hitting your tower. Even in the crisis situation you must be very much strategic with your troops. This is a strategic game so always think before you do. Again is required you must alter your plan and try to confuse your enemy.

Wait for at least one tower of the enemy to make a real onslaught

Before putting down any of the enemy’s tower you should keep your calm and apply various strategies. Once you see that the enemy’s troops are failing to protect their tower you can gradually increase the severity of your attack. On the other hand, when the attacks of the enemy’s soldier somehow get weakened watchfully you can put on more power on your attacks. Once you break down one of the enemy’s tower you must not wait for any further to make your attack more severe. Your only target at this moment is to break down the enemy with their towers and win the game.