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Clash Royale is a perfect update of Clash of Clans

Clash Royale is an ideal example where one can understand the sincerity of the developers. The gamers were very happy to welcome a card battling game. There are towers and troops. The gamer would protect own tower and at the same time find ways to demolish enemy’s tower. It is a perfect improvement to the older version of the same developer. But while playing the gamers soon experiences the excitement of new adventures. One thing must be disclosed at first that this game must be played with a balanced view of all the aspects of the game.

Before making an attack weigh the situation and then proceed

A single rush of blood may become costly. So before making any movement for Clash Royale Cheats to get clash royale free gems you must judge the situation. One thing you must remember at this moment that at the last minute of the level the rate of refilling by the Elixir will double. This will enable you to bring more soldiers in the battlefield. Only thing you must not do is never waste your resources unintelligently. Some time by applying more powerful weapon on weaker troops may be costly. So always judge the situation. Particularly in the opening moments you should give some time to read the attacking strategies of the enemy. Therefore in the beginning you should be watchful and not very offensive. Too much defensive style is not an ideal strategy for the gamer. Again never lose your nerve when opponent start hitting your tower. Even in the crisis situation you must be very much strategic with your troops. This is a strategic game so always think before you do. Again is required you must alter your plan and try to confuse your enemy.

Wait for at least one tower of the enemy to make a real onslaught

Before putting down any of the enemy’s tower you should keep your calm and apply various strategies. Once you see that the enemy’s troops are failing to protect their tower you can gradually increase the severity of your attack. On the other hand, when the attacks of the enemy’s soldier somehow get weakened watchfully you can put on more power on your attacks. Once you break down one of the enemy’s tower you must not wait for any further to make your attack more severe. Your only target at this moment is to break down the enemy with their towers and win the game.

A champion never uses Guns of Boom Cheats

The real champion of the game would not fall to the promises of some unscrupulous agencies who claim the validity of their cheats. Instead, the real fighters of the game believe their own strength and skill. They invest more time in learning the flow of the game. They put more and more time to learn how to maneuver the given control of the game. So for the champions and spirited gamers always avoid taking the extra advantages of Guns of Boom cheats. They try to understand the game in detail and thereby minimize the chances of any error on their part. Hence, they don’t even feel the need for any cheats. It is quite obvious that someone who does not know the game properly feels the urgency for some cheats. So it is better to learn the game than to believe any fake promise of cheat maker.

Seeing sights are important

The sniper rifle provides a zoomed sight which undoubtedly helps a lot during the encounter. But this might not be possible when you are attacking with a normal assault rifle. The movement can be affected and the sluggish movement ahead can dampen your planning. It must be well understood that proper usage of sights is really very important in Guns of Boom. In the game of high-end, it is really very crucial. Remember that hitting the opponent on their head will drop them faster on the ground than hitting on other body parts. So always try to aim with perfect headshots.

Seeing the sights is really important, but sometimes it must be avoided. The player must judge a situation before using the sites. The usage of sights is not at all recommended when the fighter is making the move through an open area. The sights are also not suggested when the fighter requires an excellent maneuverability and a crystal clear view. When the enemy comes very close it is expected that the fighter would engage in fights that to see through the sights. When the enemies are at a great distance or in the midrange use the sights and aim with the headshots.

The situation must be judged when you shot

The fighter may feel that a continuous streak of bullet firing can turn the match in favor. Sorry, this cannot be possible. Perhaps sometime avoidance of firing is recommended. It is not a good practice to keep on shooting whenever you see a moving object ahead. Prudence or carefulness is sometimes more rewarding. Suppose in your way you see an enemy is shifting from one cover to another at a distance may be counterproductive. Definitely, you will slay down a few fighters of the opponent, but a serious damage on the enemy is not possible. Perhaps you have alerted the enemy about your arrival in their territory. Hence the strategy to blast off whatever comes on your way is not at all suggested in Guns of Boom. Therefore do not hit like bulls rather be strategic on your firing.

World of the best cues and pool tables: 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

It would surprise us if you say you have not heard of 8 Ball Pool, for this pocket billiard, the mobile game is popular in its own rights. It is always a fun activity to watch professionals play billiards on the big table. Fortunately for some, there are clubs and pubs that offer a game of 8 Ball Pool. Gamers of all ages thrive in those areas just to play the game for it is exciting and interesting. However, a maximum of us does not get to play it. Which is why we rely on the virtual world of games. Thankfully so, Miniclip introduced to us what we needed the most. A virtual game of billiards, that people all around the world play it with pure love and determination (pun intended).

Let us give you a short description of what the game is about.

Be it real or virtual, the rules of the game differ with the number of balls being played with. In general, eight balls are played with cue sticks, a cue ball, and 15 object balls. These 15 object balls consist of 7 striped balls, 7 solid coloured balls and a black ball which is numbered 8. The game is played by two players, per session and whoever breaks (break shot), upon legally pocketing a particular ball, their group is assigned. Meaning, on the break shot, if you pot a striped ball then you will be assigned the striped ball for the rest of the game. Upon pocketing a solid ball on later shots, you will face a penalty that will benefit the opponent. The ultimate object of the players is to legally pot all the balls as assigned after which whoever pockets the eight (solid, black) balls into the ‘called pocket’, wins. However, if you pot the cue ball along with the eight ball, your opponent wins by default.

Note: Do not pot the eight ball unless you have legally potted or pocketed the group of balls that were assigned to you.

This game by Miniclip also features different cities that provide pool tables in variations. Also, the game has a huge collection of cues. Few come in free, whereas the powerful ones require a player to unlock it by completing levels. After which, one can purchase these cues and play the games better. You can choose from the lot in which city you wish to play. To play a particular game, like for say in the Moscow table, you can bet coins from a minimum of 500 to 10,000 coins. Upon winning a game you win the double amount. However, if you lose, your opponent wins the double amount.

Many gamers look for a hack to increase our coins count. The more the merrier, for having more coins, you will be able to purchase expensive cues that have a lot of special effects on it. There are various applications that provide 8 ball pool hack for gamers who wish to win it easy. However, if you were to ask, we would suggest playing by the rules and going with the flow. In no time, you will master the art of this amazing game.

How to play free fire Battleground?

Free fire battleground is an online survival game in which a player can play in their Android or iOS devices. Here the player needs to fight with other 30-50 opponents for their own survival. Death will be lurking in around the corner every minute so you need to be very much careful while playing the game. Your game can easily ruin within a second if you are not careful.

When the game will start you will be landed on a remote island with the help of a parachute. Now you need to select a point from where you want to start your game so it is just like using your own fate. After that, you will have to hide at a place and make yourself equipped with proper weapons by searching into the buildings and exploring the island. Now when you are ready you will have to fight with other players because the island will keep on shrinking. As the island will keep on shrinking so you won’t be able to hide for a long time. Make sure that you are very fluent with a particular weapon before the battle starts.


You can choose your own fate so make a wise choice of selecting a place that is completely isolated.

Keep on picking weapons and when you will be defeating your opponent you can also pick their weapons. It may happen that your opponent is having a very upgraded version of the weapon.

Never go for heavy weapons because it will make the movement unmanageable and difficult for you.

You will have to pick the character at the beginning of the game and then you will have to keep on upgrading for unleashing its new features. By spending some currency you can also customize your character by using different things from the vault.

Make sure that you are having bodysuit for saving your torso. Pick the helmet so that you can easily escape the sniper.

Do not just jump into the battleground at the beginning of the game because you will need to train yourself properly.

There will be a minimap provided into your screen that will notify you whenever you are on the danger zone.

If you want to make more resources then you can also opt for information on how to hack free fire battlegrounds. All you have to do is opt for a reliable source without revealing your personal details.

SimCity Buildit has always amazed its gamers with new features

The success of any game depends mainly on the developers. Today when everything is changing fast, the game should also follow the same. It must be upgraded to meet the expectations of the gamers. So it becomes the responsibility of the developers to understand the demand of the gamer. SimCity Buildit Hack has been following this particular norm with the utmost sincerity. After knowing the demand, the developer needs to bring some new exciting features to the game. The game always remains fresh and the gamer feel great while making different moves in the game. Well, the developers are maintaining their duty now the gamers should also learn each bit of the game to enjoy to the fullest extent. So always search in the various search engines on the internet to know the different tricks of playing SimCity successfully.

Mayor must not make any mistake while planning

When someone starts planning the construction of the city, there must be no casualness. Everything must be preplanned while you are constructing the city in Simcity Buildit hack android. Construction of the highways and the roads are not at all easy. They cannot be built even without pre-planning. When the mayor is about to make intersections, the rules will force to demolish the existing building which childhood days would result in the decrease in the population or the number of services that are offered. The best advice that needs to be followed before continuing the game is minimizing the intersection planning. This is the only way by which you can easily reclassify the areas.

Another option is if you are thinking of starting the construction from the middle or from a corner then it will easier to expand in form. Being a potential player you must keep it in your mind the shapes and the planning of your city. The original plan of the city needs to be kept in mind. It is advisable to start off of the simple grid structure. If you are not sure about the city map then take a look at the main central areas and know the planning of the streets that are constructed out in the block.

You must know to keep your city clean and tidy

The most important part that needs to be remembered is you need to keep your growing city clean and free from pollution. The first and foremost that can be adopted for keeping the city clean is setting free the city from debris and all the building that has been abandoned. The old building needs to be removed for making new constructions. To get rid of the abandoned building you can make use of the bulldozers. If you play the game knowing all the rules and terms then you would notice that it’s making you aware of the pieces of land available as well.

The game can be played according to your will and even you can change the use of a particular area like the commercial area to a complete residential block. But what you have to do is demolish the old construction and go for the new one.

What’s Improved with Apple IPhone 4

When choosing a smartphone for all of your mobile needs there are an overwhelming variety to choose from. The Apple iPhone 4 has a lot of improved functions that none of the other smartphones on the market have. With a smartphone that has 512 MB of random memory with a choose of either 16 or 32 GB capacity range, it is not difficult to pick out which smartphone is the best.
What is even more impressive is the fact that the iPhone is capable of great graphic designs due to its A4 processor with 1GH processor speed. The newest iPhone model has the ability to allow the user to talk using a video camera phone which is great at capturing the image of the person the caller is speaking too. This is all done in real time which is known on the iPhone as a FaceTime call.

The Apple iPhone 4 has improved in clarity as well with four times the number of pixels as prior versions of these smartphones. With the new A4 processor the iPhone 4 has the capability to multitask with great ease. For all of those who are on their smartphone more than 4 hours a day due to work or socializing, the new iPhone 4 has a better battery life which allows for longer talk time of 7-14 hours.

If you have every wished for a camera on those memorable moments, then look no further than the very own Apple iPhone 4 with the 5 MP camera with a great number of very different camera functions like motor vehicle focus, digital zoom, and many others. All of these great new features for the camera portion of the iPhone 4 are great for editing those memorable moments pictures. The iPhone also has a advanced electrical storage cell that gives longer usage time to it’s newest owners. Some of these newer features are 7 hours of talk time, 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hour playback of video and 300 hours of standby time all on the 3G network.

The Apple iPhone 4 has fast access speed for the Internet which includes the alternative net connections of Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB for faster than before data transfer.This small handheld smartphone may not look to be very powerful, but every new owner is sure to be both surprised and impressed with just how powerful the Apple iPhone truly is.

How to keep the enemies at bay in clash of clans

A well-builded clan is always prone to facing raids. So whenever you will go offline a constant tension of getting raided will strike your mind. Whenever your storages are full then only some other clan will attack you and rob everything. So here we will discuss some easy ways to keep the raiders at bay. The first thing that you will have to do is build a strong base and avoid the opportunistic raiders. It is very much important to keep your village safe from raiders because everytime someone attacks your village all your resources and stars are lost. So you won’t be able to proceed further in this game.

Way to keep the raiders at bay

Don’t rush when it comes to upgrading the town hall because the level will determine the number of resources which the raider can steal from your village. Wherever you will have a town hall with 9 level then any raider with level 8 can easily take 110% of all your resources. So always make sure to upgrade everything like gold storage or elixir maker before the upgradation of the town hall, you can get more gold by using a clash of clans hack 2018.

Many raiders only attack with the motive of collecting maximum resources. They will use the cheap troops for hitting the collectors which is full of gold or elixir. So to avoid these raiding you should keep the collectors empty. So check the app few times and collect the resources to keep the raiders away from it. So always tap the collectors when filled and keep checking the shield. But when you are a hardcore raider then chances of breaking your own shield is very high.

You can notice that in the clash of clan players line up the collectors side by side on their base which is a bad idea. So it becomes very easy for the raiders who will just swoop in to take all the resources. So you need to distribute the resources everywhere and mix them with other buildings. So the raiders will put their troops everywhere to collect the resources and in this way, your troops can easily kill them. When it comes to storage make sure to keep them at a far distance. Accumulation of the entire storage in the middle can be quite terrible. When you will upgrade the town hall to level 7 then keep three squares from one storage to another to avoid getting hit by the lightning strikes.

Many raiders are not interested in the collectors. When it comes to the dark elixir when someone will destroy the storage of dark elixir then they will only get some 4% of contents. When the town hall level is 10 then when the storages and collectors will be full then the storage of dark elixir will provide 3,000 dark elixirs when destroyed properly. So raider will attack the bases which are full and are not protected properly. So do not keep the drills outside the walls.

Never keep the town hall unsafe or undefended. When some raider will destroy the town hall then they will get a free victory and will take all your trophies. And the town hall always has a maximum resource so you will lose all the resources. And you won’t be getting any shield as they will only appear due to certain troop deploy and destruction. Change the base if the town hall is left undefended.

Keep these points in mind so that your clan is safe from raiders. You can also try some Clash of Clans Cheats so that you can keep your shields active for a long time and avoid raiders.

Play Hay Day to own a farm of your own

Have you have been a Farmville player then probably you would also enjoy playing Hay Day. This game is developed and published by Supercell, which also published Clash of Clans, the most played game by the mobile game lovers. This game is also available for only iOS and Android platfom. Sadly it is not available on windows. It was first available on iOS on June 21, 2012, and a year later on November 20, 2013.

The game plan:

The game is based on a plot; the person playing their uncle cannot handle the farm and take care of it, so he gives the responsibility to the player. The game begins with a scarecrow and he teaches the player about harvesting the wheat. The player sells the crops and products and earns the coins used to buy production building, pets, and other decorative items. They earn experience points by completing the activities and as they progress further in the game. Later in the game, the player comes across Angus, the uncle’s friend who gives fishing lessons to the player.

The players soon have a neighborhood, and the members help and assist each other when they are in need, and also they chat together. As the player progresses, many crops are unlocked other than only wheat. Banana, fruit trees and bushes are the other field crops. Not only this, they have access to buying other farm animals, aquatic animals like lobsters, fishes, ducks and pet animals. On feeding your pet animals, one gains experience points. The player can also increase their farm later in the game by the number of coins which has been collected.

How to play the game for Android users?

You will need an Android device which is updated to the latest version of 4.0.3 and more.

One can log in from their Facebook account or Google+ connect.

What would you do to switch your account from one device to other?

It is very easy, only a few steps are needed to be followed, and you will be done with the hay day online tool.

You will need to connect the game with your Facebook profile and be sure that it is successfully linked.

Download the game and launch it in the new device you have to retrieve your progress in the game.

You need to connect to the same Facebook account of your which you used earlier for linking the game.

The game will have the option of whether you want to link your Hay Day Farm connected to the Facebook account. Select the ‘yes’ option.

After that, you need to make a confirmation, and your original farm and your progress will pop up in the game.

This game is pretty interesting, and for the children or even adults those who enjoy farming but maybe are unable to do in real life, as it is not a very easy job to do can sit and have a virtual farming experience on your mobile phones. Everyone in today’s generation has a smartphone and so will easily support the game. You will raise your own crop, harvest it, sell it and make a profit out of it. You will have your own farm animals, which will have to be taken care of, they will be fed time to time, and in return, they will also help you in gaining your experience points and coins. The graphics of the game is pretty cool which is very soothing to your eyes and also makes you play the game. You can unlock and complete tasks to gain more points.

What are the benefits of using mobile legends hack tools?

The first reason why you need to be thankful to the hackers is that all the hacker is not fixated on breaking into the system of a person and stealing information. In fact, some hackers are seeing themselves with the subgroups. The hacker we call as black heart hacker is one breaking directly into the device for getting the information. The grey hackers are those are just for the recognition of the personal data by breaking all rules. If we talk about white hat hackers, they are doing all good work by hacking sites to help those to test and improve security. Other types of hackers are not able to get in the site and steal the data. All these are same but having a different aim. Similarly, you can make the use of mobile legends hack tool to get in the game and win gems and diamonds.

Knowing how to use the mobile legends bang bang diamonds hack can be prove to be much helpful and beneficial tool. You can use the hack tool in your game to play, enjoy and win the game. There are many greater advantages a person is getting when he uses the hack tool for the purpose of hack in the game. However, you are just making the game easier and safer. There is no breaking of any important rules in making the use of the mobile legends hack tool. Using the hack tool in the game is the smart choice in getting the resources into the game without any uncertainties or risks involved. The greater hack tool will help a gamer in gaining many impressive advantages.

Some of the benefits of using the hack tools in the game-

Through this, you will come to know how to be fully safer and secured on the game. Also through this, you will be able to deal with other gamers that are trying penetrating your privacy.

You can protect your device from getting hacking attacks.

The hack tools allow the gamers in getting unlimited gold, diamond, and gems.

The hack tools easily work on the gaming platform.

It does not require any jail break or any other root.

If is safer and undetectable.

It is very quicker for you in generating the resources.

These are the benefits that you will get from using hack tools. When you use mobile legends hack tool, you will easily increase the chance of winning any type of game that you find is difficult.

SimCity Buildit Cheats

SimCity Buildit is a great game that is developed from the original SimCity games. This particular game is more for the mobile devices and works flawlessly on adroid as well as on iOS systems. The game is free to download and play but there is an option for in app purchases which can be used where the player has the option of spending real money in order to buy the in game currency called the SimCash or the gold coins which are known as Simoleons.

The game is a strategy game where the player is doing the role play of a city mayor and needs to construct buildings and develop an overall city from scratch. He needs to make sure there are all the necessities and the required amenities for the residents of the city and to make sure they are happy and looked after. This makes the player progress quickly in the game and earns the gaming currency, SimCash and the Simoleons, the gold coins.

The player however, must act smart or else he will not have enough of those currency or the coins if he fails to keep the residents happy and will not be able to do anymore construction of the city or get ahead in the game. If they do not want to use real money to buy the currency then he must use the following tips and tricks to get ahead quickly in the game.

The player should make sure there is a large population, as the more people who are living would obviously pay more taxes and taxation is the major source of income for the player.

The player must make sure the residents of the city are happy. If the overall population is happy then the player would be earning more gold coins but if they are unhappy he would be losing.

The player should focus of upgrading the existing residential homes rather than building new ones and not overbuild the city.

Players should be able to manage factories and store production efficiently.
Using the above tips and tricks can surely help the players earn Simcash and the Simoleons. The other option is to use the cheats or hacks generator from various website which lets the player have unlimited amount of coins and currency for absolutely free of cost! This simcity buildit hack ipa helps the player get ahead and progress quickly in the game if they do not want to spend real money at the in app store.