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Play Hay Day to own a farm of your own

Have you have been a Farmville player then probably you would also enjoy playing Hay Day. This game is developed and published by Supercell, which also published Clash of Clans, the most played game by the mobile game lovers. This game is also available for only iOS and Android platfom. Sadly it is not available on windows. It was first available on iOS on June 21, 2012, and a year later on November 20, 2013.

The game plan:

The game is based on a plot; the person playing their uncle cannot handle the farm and take care of it, so he gives the responsibility to the player. The game begins with a scarecrow and he teaches the player about harvesting the wheat. The player sells the crops and products and earns the coins used to buy production building, pets, and other decorative items. They earn experience points by completing the activities and as they progress further in the game. Later in the game, the player comes across Angus, the uncle’s friend who gives fishing lessons to the player.

The players soon have a neighborhood, and the members help and assist each other when they are in need, and also they chat together. As the player progresses, many crops are unlocked other than only wheat. Banana, fruit trees and bushes are the other field crops. Not only this, they have access to buying other farm animals, aquatic animals like lobsters, fishes, ducks and pet animals. On feeding your pet animals, one gains experience points. The player can also increase their farm later in the game by the number of coins which has been collected.

How to play the game for Android users?

You will need an Android device which is updated to the latest version of 4.0.3 and more.

One can log in from their Facebook account or Google+ connect.

What would you do to switch your account from one device to other?

It is very easy, only a few steps are needed to be followed, and you will be done with the hay day online tool.

You will need to connect the game with your Facebook profile and be sure that it is successfully linked.

Download the game and launch it in the new device you have to retrieve your progress in the game.

You need to connect to the same Facebook account of your which you used earlier for linking the game.

The game will have the option of whether you want to link your Hay Day Farm connected to the Facebook account. Select the ‘yes’ option.

After that, you need to make a confirmation, and your original farm and your progress will pop up in the game.

This game is pretty interesting, and for the children or even adults those who enjoy farming but maybe are unable to do in real life, as it is not a very easy job to do can sit and have a virtual farming experience on your mobile phones. Everyone in today’s generation has a smartphone and so will easily support the game. You will raise your own crop, harvest it, sell it and make a profit out of it. You will have your own farm animals, which will have to be taken care of, they will be fed time to time, and in return, they will also help you in gaining your experience points and coins. The graphics of the game is pretty cool which is very soothing to your eyes and also makes you play the game. You can unlock and complete tasks to gain more points.

What are the benefits of using mobile legends hack tools?

The first reason why you need to be thankful to the hackers is that all the hacker is not fixated on breaking into the system of a person and stealing information. In fact, some hackers are seeing themselves with the subgroups. The hacker we call as black heart hacker is one breaking directly into the device for getting the information. The grey hackers are those are just for the recognition of the personal data by breaking all rules. If we talk about white hat hackers, they are doing all good work by hacking sites to help those to test and improve security. Other types of hackers are not able to get in the site and steal the data. All these are same but having a different aim. Similarly, you can make the use of mobile legends hack tool to get in the game and win gems and diamonds.

Knowing how to use the mobile legends bang bang diamonds hack can be prove to be much helpful and beneficial tool. You can use the hack tool in your game to play, enjoy and win the game. There are many greater advantages a person is getting when he uses the hack tool for the purpose of hack in the game. However, you are just making the game easier and safer. There is no breaking of any important rules in making the use of the mobile legends hack tool. Using the hack tool in the game is the smart choice in getting the resources into the game without any uncertainties or risks involved. The greater hack tool will help a gamer in gaining many impressive advantages.

Some of the benefits of using the hack tools in the game-

Through this, you will come to know how to be fully safer and secured on the game. Also through this, you will be able to deal with other gamers that are trying penetrating your privacy.

You can protect your device from getting hacking attacks.

The hack tools allow the gamers in getting unlimited gold, diamond, and gems.

The hack tools easily work on the gaming platform.

It does not require any jail break or any other root.

If is safer and undetectable.

It is very quicker for you in generating the resources.

These are the benefits that you will get from using hack tools. When you use mobile legends hack tool, you will easily increase the chance of winning any type of game that you find is difficult.

SimCity Buildit Cheats

SimCity Buildit is a great game that is developed from the original SimCity games. This particular game is more for the mobile devices and works flawlessly on adroid as well as on iOS systems. The game is free to download and play but there is an option for in app purchases which can be used where the player has the option of spending real money in order to buy the in game currency called the SimCash or the gold coins which are known as Simoleons.

The game is a strategy game where the player is doing the role play of a city mayor and needs to construct buildings and develop an overall city from scratch. He needs to make sure there are all the necessities and the required amenities for the residents of the city and to make sure they are happy and looked after. This makes the player progress quickly in the game and earns the gaming currency, SimCash and the Simoleons, the gold coins.

The player however, must act smart or else he will not have enough of those currency or the coins if he fails to keep the residents happy and will not be able to do anymore construction of the city or get ahead in the game. If they do not want to use real money to buy the currency then he must use the following tips and tricks to get ahead quickly in the game.

The player should make sure there is a large population, as the more people who are living would obviously pay more taxes and taxation is the major source of income for the player.

The player must make sure the residents of the city are happy. If the overall population is happy then the player would be earning more gold coins but if they are unhappy he would be losing.

The player should focus of upgrading the existing residential homes rather than building new ones and not overbuild the city.

Players should be able to manage factories and store production efficiently.
Using the above tips and tricks can surely help the players earn Simcash and the Simoleons. The other option is to use the cheats or hacks generator from various website which lets the player have unlimited amount of coins and currency for absolutely free of cost! This simcity buildit hack ipa helps the player get ahead and progress quickly in the game if they do not want to spend real money at the in app store.

4 Reasons Why You Should Play Crash Royale

You may have heard of Supercell’s Clash Royale. It’s not only one of the most currently popular game mobile game strategy games, it’s one of the most popular games right now. It is a tower defense game in which you have to rely on your wits and create a proper strategy in order to succeed. This is a list of 4 solid reasons why you should play Clash Royale.

Strategy games improve you cognitive abilities

There have been various legitimate studies carried out on how strategy games like Clash Royale are great for improving your cognitive abilities because they rely on you making quick decisions in real time. In Clash you also have to learn from your mistakes and solve problems.

It’s a competitive game

In Clash Royale you have to compete with others and its fun when you play against your friends and also with them in the 2v2 mode. In this mode you can play with another friend against two other opponents.

It’s free to play

You can download the game for free from your phone’s app store. The game however, is not poorly made at all. It has an intricate system and very high production quality. There are, however, micro-transactions can be used to purchase clash royale free gems and coins, which are in in-game currency, but these do not affect how you play the game and the competitive nature of the game because even if you have more of the game’s in-game currency, it’s not what you require to win. The only thing you need to win is pure wit.

The game has small and large tournaments that are both local and international. These tournaments also have rewards and many tournaments even offer cash rewards.

This game is competitive, improve makes your smarter and lets you have fun with your friends. If you are up for all these things you should certainly start playing .