How to keep the enemies at bay in clash of clans

A well-builded clan is always prone to facing raids. So whenever you will go offline a constant tension of getting raided will strike your mind. Whenever your storages are full then only some other clan will attack you and rob everything. So here we will discuss some easy ways to keep the raiders at bay. The first thing that you will have to do is build a strong base and avoid the opportunistic raiders. It is very much important to keep your village safe from raiders because everytime someone attacks your village all your resources and stars are lost. So you won’t be able to proceed further in this game.

Way to keep the raiders at bay

Don’t rush when it comes to upgrading the town hall because the level will determine the number of resources which the raider can steal from your village. Wherever you will have a town hall with 9 level then any raider with level 8 can easily take 110% of all your resources. So always make sure to upgrade everything like gold storage or elixir maker before the upgradation of the town hall, you can get more gold by using a clash of clans hack 2018.

Many raiders only attack with the motive of collecting maximum resources. They will use the cheap troops for hitting the collectors which is full of gold or elixir. So to avoid these raiding you should keep the collectors empty. So check the app few times and collect the resources to keep the raiders away from it. So always tap the collectors when filled and keep checking the shield. But when you are a hardcore raider then chances of breaking your own shield is very high.

You can notice that in the clash of clan players line up the collectors side by side on their base which is a bad idea. So it becomes very easy for the raiders who will just swoop in to take all the resources. So you need to distribute the resources everywhere and mix them with other buildings. So the raiders will put their troops everywhere to collect the resources and in this way, your troops can easily kill them. When it comes to storage make sure to keep them at a far distance. Accumulation of the entire storage in the middle can be quite terrible. When you will upgrade the town hall to level 7 then keep three squares from one storage to another to avoid getting hit by the lightning strikes.

Many raiders are not interested in the collectors. When it comes to the dark elixir when someone will destroy the storage of dark elixir then they will only get some 4% of contents. When the town hall level is 10 then when the storages and collectors will be full then the storage of dark elixir will provide 3,000 dark elixirs when destroyed properly. So raider will attack the bases which are full and are not protected properly. So do not keep the drills outside the walls.

Never keep the town hall unsafe or undefended. When some raider will destroy the town hall then they will get a free victory and will take all your trophies. And the town hall always has a maximum resource so you will lose all the resources. And you won’t beĀ getting any shield as they will only appear due to certain troop deploy and destruction. Change the base if the town hall is left undefended.

Keep these points in mind so that your clan is safe from raiders. You can also try some Clash of Clans Cheats so that you can keep your shields active for a long time and avoid raiders.

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