How to play free fire Battleground?

Free fire battleground is an online survival game in which a player can play in their Android or iOS devices. Here the player needs to fight with other 30-50 opponents for their own survival. Death will be lurking in around the corner every minute so you need to be very much careful while playing the game. Your game can easily ruin within a second if you are not careful.

When the game will start you will be landed on a remote island with the help of a parachute. Now you need to select a point from where you want to start your game so it is just like using your own fate. After that, you will have to hide at a place and make yourself equipped with proper weapons by searching into the buildings and exploring the island. Now when you are ready you will have to fight with other players because the island will keep on shrinking. As the island will keep on shrinking so you won’t be able to hide for a long time. Make sure that you are very fluent with a particular weapon before the battle starts.


You can choose your own fate so make a wise choice of selecting a place that is completely isolated.

Keep on picking weapons and when you will be defeating your opponent you can also pick their weapons. It may happen that your opponent is having a very upgraded version of the weapon.

Never go for heavy weapons because it will make the movement unmanageable and difficult for you.

You will have to pick the character at the beginning of the game and then you will have to keep on upgrading for unleashing its new features. By spending some currency you can also customize your character by using different things from the vault.

Make sure that you are having bodysuit for saving your torso. Pick the helmet so that you can easily escape the sniper.

Do not just jump into the battleground at the beginning of the game because you will need to train yourself properly.

There will be a minimap provided into your screen that will notify you whenever you are on the danger zone.

If you want to make more resources then you can also opt for information on how to hack free fire battlegrounds. All you have to do is opt for a reliable source without revealing your personal details.

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