Play Hay Day to own a farm of your own

Have you have been a Farmville player then probably you would also enjoy playing Hay Day. This game is developed and published by Supercell, which also published Clash of Clans, the most played game by the mobile game lovers. This game is also available for only iOS and Android platfom. Sadly it is not available on windows. It was first available on iOS on June 21, 2012, and a year later on November 20, 2013.

The game plan:

The game is based on a plot; the person playing their uncle cannot handle the farm and take care of it, so he gives the responsibility to the player. The game begins with a scarecrow and he teaches the player about harvesting the wheat. The player sells the crops and products and earns the coins used to buy production building, pets, and other decorative items. They earn experience points by completing the activities and as they progress further in the game. Later in the game, the player comes across Angus, the uncle’s friend who gives fishing lessons to the player.

The players soon have a neighborhood, and the members help and assist each other when they are in need, and also they chat together. As the player progresses, many crops are unlocked other than only wheat. Banana, fruit trees and bushes are the other field crops. Not only this, they have access to buying other farm animals, aquatic animals like lobsters, fishes, ducks and pet animals. On feeding your pet animals, one gains experience points. The player can also increase their farm later in the game by the number of coins which has been collected.

How to play the game for Android users?

You will need an Android device which is updated to the latest version of 4.0.3 and more.

One can log in from their Facebook account or Google+ connect.

What would you do to switch your account from one device to other?

It is very easy, only a few steps are needed to be followed, and you will be done with the hay day online tool.

You will need to connect the game with your Facebook profile and be sure that it is successfully linked.

Download the game and launch it in the new device you have to retrieve your progress in the game.

You need to connect to the same Facebook account of your which you used earlier for linking the game.

The game will have the option of whether you want to link your Hay Day Farm connected to the Facebook account. Select the ‘yes’ option.

After that, you need to make a confirmation, and your original farm and your progress will pop up in the game.

This game is pretty interesting, and for the children or even adults those who enjoy farming but maybe are unable to do in real life, as it is not a very easy job to do can sit and have a virtual farming experience on your mobile phones. Everyone in today’s generation has a smartphone and so will easily support the game. You will raise your own crop, harvest it, sell it and make a profit out of it. You will have your own farm animals, which will have to be taken care of, they will be fed time to time, and in return, they will also help you in gaining your experience points and coins. The graphics of the game is pretty cool which is very soothing to your eyes and also makes you play the game. You can unlock and complete tasks to gain more points.

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