What’s Improved with Apple IPhone 4

When choosing a smartphone for all of your mobile needs there are an overwhelming variety to choose from. The Apple iPhone 4 has a lot of improved functions that none of the other smartphones on the market have. With a smartphone that has 512 MB of random memory with a choose of either 16 or 32 GB capacity range, it is not difficult to pick out which smartphone is the best.
What is even more impressive is the fact that the iPhone is capable of great graphic designs due to its A4 processor with 1GH processor speed. The newest iPhone model has the ability to allow the user to talk using a video camera phone which is great at capturing the image of the person the caller is speaking too. This is all done in real time which is known on the iPhone as a FaceTime call.

The Apple iPhone 4 has improved in clarity as well with four times the number of pixels as prior versions of these smartphones. With the new A4 processor the iPhone 4 has the capability to multitask with great ease. For all of those who are on their smartphone more than 4 hours a day due to work or socializing, the new iPhone 4 has a better battery life which allows for longer talk time of 7-14 hours.

If you have every wished for a camera on those memorable moments, then look no further than the very own Apple iPhone 4 with the 5 MP camera with a great number of very different camera functions like motor vehicle focus, digital zoom, and many others. All of these great new features for the camera portion of the iPhone 4 are great for editing those memorable moments pictures. The iPhone also has a advanced electrical storage cell that gives longer usage time to it’s newest owners. Some of these newer features are 7 hours of talk time, 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hour playback of video and 300 hours of standby time all on the 3G network.

The Apple iPhone 4 has fast access speed for the Internet which includes the alternative net connections of Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB for faster than before data transfer.This small handheld smartphone may not look to be very powerful, but every new owner is sure to be both surprised and impressed with just how powerful the Apple iPhone truly is.

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