World of the best cues and pool tables: 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

It would surprise us if you say you have not heard of 8 Ball Pool, for this pocket billiard, the mobile game is popular in its own rights. It is always a fun activity to watch professionals play billiards on the big table. Fortunately for some, there are clubs and pubs that offer a game of 8 Ball Pool. Gamers of all ages thrive in those areas just to play the game for it is exciting and interesting. However, a maximum of us does not get to play it. Which is why we rely on the virtual world of games. Thankfully so, Miniclip introduced to us what we needed the most. A virtual game of billiards, that people all around the world play it with pure love and determination (pun intended).

Let us give you a short description of what the game is about.

Be it real or virtual, the rules of the game differ with the number of balls being played with. In general, eight balls are played with cue sticks, a cue ball, and 15 object balls. These 15 object balls consist of 7 striped balls, 7 solid coloured balls and a black ball which is numbered 8. The game is played by two players, per session and whoever breaks (break shot), upon legally pocketing a particular ball, their group is assigned. Meaning, on the break shot, if you pot a striped ball then you will be assigned the striped ball for the rest of the game. Upon pocketing a solid ball on later shots, you will face a penalty that will benefit the opponent. The ultimate object of the players is to legally pot all the balls as assigned after which whoever pockets the eight (solid, black) balls into the ‘called pocket’, wins. However, if you pot the cue ball along with the eight ball, your opponent wins by default.

Note: Do not pot the eight ball unless you have legally potted or pocketed the group of balls that were assigned to you.

This game by Miniclip also features different cities that provide pool tables in variations. Also, the game has a huge collection of cues. Few come in free, whereas the powerful ones require a player to unlock it by completing levels. After which, one can purchase these cues and play the games better. You can choose from the lot in which city you wish to play. To play a particular game, like for say in the Moscow table, you can bet coins from a minimum of 500 to 10,000 coins. Upon winning a game you win the double amount. However, if you lose, your opponent wins the double amount.

Many gamers look for a hack to increase our coins count. The more the merrier, for having more coins, you will be able to purchase expensive cues that have a lot of special effects on it. There are various applications that provide 8 ball pool hack for gamers who wish to win it easy. However, if you were to ask, we would suggest playing by the rules and going with the flow. In no time, you will master the art of this amazing game.

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